8 Stock Market Books Every Beginner Must Read

8 Stock Market Books Every Beginner Must Read

Want to learn the dynamics of the stock market in real sense? Do you want to analyze the stocks and make a profitable decision? Do you doubt your decision made in the stock market? Don’t worry, these stock market books will solve all if’s and but’s of the stock market. Read these books to build a strong foundation of knowledge about the stock market. Check out this list of stock market books which help you to enhance knowledge and wisdom about the stock market.

We recommend you to read our blog on the basics of the stock market to learn the basic terminologies of the stock market before reading these books. It will help you to understand these books better.

Stock market Books

How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market

This is a very easy to read books written by Parsenjit Paul and is highly recommended for the beginners. It is divided into 10 chapters which will help you to learn every detail of the stock market. It teaches strategies on how to select stocks and the time duration for holding these stocks. The writer has dedicated the first two chapters to the concept of Capital Protection. The writer doesn’t recommend intraday trading and F&O trading. He believes that investors should keep the stocks for an appropriate duration to earn high returns.

How to make money in stocks

It is a seven-step guide for minimization of risk and maximization of returns written by William J. O’Neil. This book contains strategies that will help you to pick winning stocks to earn high profits. It decodes the 21 mistakes that every investor is likely to make. It has covered every minute detail about the stock market. The 80/20 approach in the book talks about the investor achieving 80% success with 20% effort is based on the idea of proprietary metrics and tools. Thus, this book is your go-to guide for selecting winning stocks.

One up on wall street

This book written by Peter Lynch aims at turning average investors into star performers. It focuses on a strategy that identifies the stocks that will grow ten times from the initial value of an investment which will eventually result in a high return portfolio. Peter motivates the readers to make use of the common knowledge they have about the stock market and implement it to identify stocks. It suggests that investors should keep an open mind to learn new ideas and discover great investment opportunities. This book is easy to understand thus making it a great choice for beginners.

The intelligent investor

This book is written by Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig and is highly recommended by Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. It is based on the philosophy of profit maximization and loss minimization. This book explains the importance of research, analytical power and experience before selecting the stock. the prime focus of the writer is on the fundamental analysis of stocks. It appeals to long term investors whose financial goal is to make long term and profitable investments. However, the reader should have primary knowledge of investing before reading the book.

The little common sense of investing

This book is a small read which is divided into eighteen chapters. It is based on the philosophy of investment in low-index funds.  This book suggests an effective investment strategy to make investments at low risk. It suggests an ideal investor should go for steady investments rather than intraday trading. The average investor should take care of paying minimum service charges. Thus, this book focuses on strategies to select stocks and do steady investments.

A Random walk down Wall Street

This book written by Burton G Malkiel is a guide specially designed for beginners and entrepreneurs. It teaches you the indexing method in the unpredictable and volatile stock market. This book does a wonderful job of combining the theoretical and practical concepts of the stock market funds. It teaches you the method of efficient market hypothesis and indexing. The writer doesn’t use complicated terms thus making it easy for readers to read.

When to sell

As the name suggests, this book teaches you how to identify the right time to sell. So, buying it will help you to learn the art of selling. The timing plays an important role in the stock market. It is written by Justin Mamis who has worked for several years as an upstairs member for John Phelan (Ex-head, NYSE). He becomes the perfect mentor to follow because of his practical experience. It points out the common mistakes that an average investor is likely to make and how one can avoid it. Thus, this book is a must-read to learn the art of selling stocks.

The little book that beats the market

This book is written by Joel Greenblatt. This book neither presents an investing philosophy or have stories to prove that how the strategy worked. Instead, it presents a strategy for picking up stocks to invest in and how that strategy resulted in 30% annual returns over the past 17 years. The strategy is based on two conditions: Invest in companies with high returns and they should be selling at a large discount. So, this book is unique in itself and provides a different perspective to look at the stock market.

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